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Nevertheless ending of drama & manga different? (Translate famous Japanese articles)

Nevertheless kdrama ending of drama & manga different?

Yes, you know, have you seen it yet?

In the drama section of Netflix, a very popular drama that has always been in the top 10 not only in Japan and Asia but also in the world ranking since July 2021.

Yes, the popular Korean drama “Nevertheless”.

Yes, that’s right, you’ve already read this article, and you’ve already read the manga version, and you don’t care what happens to the live-action version of Netflix?

Is the story different by any chance? Will the last be completed with a happy ending?

What will happen to the ending of each of the manga version and the drama version?

I am very worried.

Yes, I’m curious even if I know it!

In particular, Korean original manga and dramas often have different stories and last developments.

It is a common story that the bad end should be changed to the happy end.

The situation is the same for Japanese dramas and anime. .. ..

This time, I will summarize the necessary ending information about this popular drama, “Nevertheless.”

Nevertheless kdrama ending of drama & manga different?

The manga version has already been completed, with a total of 40 episodes.

In other words, if you read the manga, you can already know the development of the last.

And this live-action drama version has 10 episodes in total, and there is no season 2 etc.

I don’t want to hear spoilers! I want to check it after watching the drama!

If you like, you can skip to the last “Summary”!


Nevertheless kdrama ending of manga ?

(Including spoilers.)

What is the ending of the manga version? .. ..

Navi and Jeon didn’t end up dating.

Hurt by Jeon’s behavior of wielding himself, Navi decides to go out with his childhood friend Dohyuk, who has had a long-standing unrequited love for himself.

However, she is no longer the maiden heroine who falls in love with her.

She was hurt by two love affairs, and she no longer remembered that “a man is an incredible creature.”

In other words, as a story, it looks like a bad end! is not it.


Nevertheless kdrama ending of drama ?

Then, what will happen to this live-action drama for such a bad-end manga original?

The answer will be published at midnight on Saturday, August 21, 2021.

I dare to refrain from making that prediction here.

The only thing I can say is that the last of the original manga has a twist, a twist, and an ending, which is expected from the tendency of popular works so far.

Well, what kind of ending will it have?


Nevertheless will the last be completed with a happy ending?

The last is a happy ending.

It may be the wish of the unconscious viewer.


No, please wait.

The halfway that hurt me, as mentioned earlier!

It’s one of the perfect “happy endings” to be able to associate with a man who thinks about you, not a good man, from a different perspective for some women.


From the perspective of me (?), Who has had a lot of romance so far, I am “happy” as a woman to associate with either “a man who plays and lives in his thirties” or “a man who devotes himself to herbivorous women”. Is it?

In the extreme personal view, the answer is actually “both bad ends”.

When I was a college student, I loved the romance, romance, and love me! That value for Jeon is always hurt every day.

The reason is that a man “doesn’t change to your ideal”.

On the other hand, if you are stable-minded that a single-minded man like Dohyuk is good, you will suffer considerable damage to the bad end (change of heart, affair, etc.) with Dohyuk who is waiting after that.

Because the man “doesn’t maintain your ideals”.


The best happy ending isn’t about which man you’re tied to

“How did you grow up by dating a man and experiencing the unchanging appearance?”

If the viewer sees whether the expression is happy or bad, I think that the way of looking at manga and drama will change.




Is the ending of the Netflix drama “Even if you know” different from the original manga?

Will the last be completed with a happy ending? I tried to summarize about.

In the past, there was a very popular drama called “Winter Sonata” which became a big boom.

The women at that time were absorbed in the love affair between the mysterious handsome man (Yong) and the heroine woman who was the main character, and were excited about the development that was tied to the last (there are various theories).

A man named Sanhyuk, who has been thinking about it since he was a student, also appeared in the heroine, and the appearance of the heroine going back and forth between Yong and Sanhyuk is the golden pattern of the drama, “Nevertheless”. It has been inherited.

In “Winter Sonata”, you are connected to Yong, the Jeon side in “Nevertheless”, but what is the end of the drama “Nevertheless” that became popular in 2021? Is not it.

Will there be a difference between the manga and the original?

Please watch the final episode of the drama while envisioning your “happy ending”.